Goal Tracking Printables

One of my favorite suggestions for sticking to goals is to track your progress. That requires setting goals that are measurable but, more importantly, it keeps your goal top of mind and seeing your progress over time can be very motivating. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I also am quite frugal. So, I … Read more

7 Ways to Save Money

With prices of food, gas, and everything else top of mind these days, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the ways I save money. For most people, it’s the bigger decision things (the size/location of your home or the age/type of your vehicle) that can make the most significant impact on … Read more

Building a Strong Financial Foundation

Building a Strong Financial Foundation Banner

What does it mean to build a strong financial foundation? Like many others first starting out in life, I had little knowledge of personal finance concepts when I was in my 20s. While out in the real world for the first time on my own, I fumbled my way through being a responsible adult through … Read more

The solution for when you can’t save money

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In recognition of America Saves Week, I wanted to focus on saving money for this month’s blog. The question in particular I’d like to discuss is: Why is it so hard to save money? Let’s unpack some thoughts on that question and how you might be able to break the cycle. If you’re like me … Read more

How to Reach Your Goals

Tony Robbins said “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” but how do you set financial goals in a way so you can actually achieve them? Today I’d like to share some ideas for how to set financial goals in a way to have the greatest chance of success. … Read more

Year End Net Worth Tracking

Tracking Net Worth

As I count down the last few days of the year, there’s something I do that’s become a bit of a tradition. In fact, at the end of each quarter, I’ve grown to enjoy logging into all of my accounts to write down all of my account balances. Keeping track of asset account balances as … Read more

Tips to Avoid Spending More Than You Plan

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It happens to all of us — more often than we care to admit. But it happens. Nowadays, it’s so easy to spend money with a click of a button or swipe of a card. We are all bombarded constantly by marketing messages and the purchase suggestions are often times spot on. You’re not alone … Read more

What Is Compound Interest?

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What Is Compound Interest? Compound Interest is interest on interest. What does that even mean!? When investing, compound interest is when money earns a return on investment and those returns are kept inside the investment so they can continue to grow too. It’s like placing a bet and if you win letting your winnings ride! … Read more