What Is Financial Coaching?

Financial Coaching is giving you the tools and helping you find the motivation to reach your financial goals whether that’s to get out of debt, save for home ownership, or gain the secure feeling of having some extra money in your bank account.

Personal Finance Coaching is an equal partnership between you and your coach. We will work together to overcome financial roadblocks and achieve financial well-being. As your coach, you will have someone to talk openly with about money. Also, I will help keep you accountable, assist with goal setting, and help you think through financial decisions.

Financial Coaching is increasing awareness about your income and expenses, setting and achieving realistic goals, creating a plan for debt elimination and increasing savings. Financial Coaching is about gaining resources and creating habits that will improve your quality of life and relationship with money. The outcomes we can achieve along with your increased confidence of your finances include no longer living paycheck to paycheck, a reduction in stress, and peace of mind that comes with having a financial safety net.

Personal Finance Coaching is NOT about investment, legal, or tax advice. Guidance will not be provided on which types of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to invest in. I will never sell try to sell you any financial products including insurance. My compensation is not based on how much assets you have and I do not accept commissions or referral kickbacks. I have your best interest in mind at all times with no conflict of interest, bias, or ulterior motive.

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