Money Management Program

Do you struggle to save money and live paycheck to paycheck? Is creating a budget or sticking to one difficult for you? If you feel stuck and cannot figure out where your money goes each month, I would love to help.

The Money Management Program focuses on gaining awareness about where your money goes each month and how to create a strong personalized budget.

What’s Included:

This program consists of three 45-minute Coaching Sessions to get to know you and what you value, to provide education on money management techniques, and share budgeting-related resources with you. At the completion of this program, you will have a better understanding of your income and expenses and have a custom budget. The cost of the program is $195 payable in one payment or three separate monthly payments of $65.

Are you ready to end the paycheck to paycheck cycle and improve your money management skills?

Personalized Advice:

There’s no one-sized-fits-all method of how to manage your money and the best approach for you is going to depend on how comfortable you are with different technologies and approaches. Regardless, I will make sure you have the right tools that are best for you. Also, we will look at what areas of spending are most important to you and make sure those things are a priority.

Why It Matters:

Having a spending plan is all about more of your money going towards things that bring you happiness. You’ll have the tools and capability to set money aside for savings which will provide peace of mind when emergencies arise. And as time goes on, you can become paid ahead on many of your bills so you will be less stressed waiting for your next payday.

It doesn’t have to be a mystery where your money goes each month! And it will be less stressful once you have a plan!

Let’s get started so you can begin saving towards meaningful financial goals!